Only Feed On Good Food


The common notion that most music fans have is to publicly big up the music they love… and demean the music they don’t. We should always feel passionate about something we love, but why give so much energy to the stuff that you don’t?

I would much rather give flowers to the people that inspire me because I want artists I like to be introduced to people that might not know them. I remember talking to a coworker about Killer Mike, and she had no idea who he was. I was shocked because our similar age and race demographic.

I had to step back and realize that my favorite artists are MY favorite artists. Everybody has music that they prefer, when I was 18, I preferred I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind.

Yes, if someone asks me why I don’t listen to such and such I will give them a honest answer. After I give it, I would much rather go back to the people that give me the vibes I love.

The music you hate hearing is going to get its time in the sun whether you want it or not. If it’s low quality music, it’ll run its course. If it’s music from a genuine place those artists will get their recognition in other ways. When is the last you turned on a radio or television for the scoop on what to listen to anyway?

Who’s your favorite artist? Have you mentioned them on your social media? Brought them up at your barbershop or in the group chat?

Now, think about how your favorite song makes you feel. Wouldn’t you want your friends to have that same vibe? I wish everyone I knew would jam the stuff I like, but I wasn’t in that person’s mind when their favorite song hit them a certain way.

Spread the joy of the tunes that make you feel good, someone out there is looking for that pick me up!

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